Holds cleanliness condition survey


On occasions large claims have arisen when cargo holds have not been cleaned sufficiently to prevent the contamination of the cargo to be loaded.

This can result in delays of the loading operations and consequently a considerable waste of time and demurrage charges.

The cleaning of the cargo hold will depend on several factors: the cargo to be loaded, the last cargo carried by the vessel in the cargo hold, the requirements of the Charterers, the shippers, the authorities of each port and mainly the buyers of the goods.

Due to all of the requirements and in order to start the loading operations without any demurrages, an independent surveyor must certify that the holds are in perfect condition, swept, clean and free of remains of previous cargoes. All of this should be done prior to receiving the cargo and so as to be sure that it will not be contaminated with the remains of previous cargoes.

Once the cargo holds are in optimal condition, NORTH IBERIAN CONTROL will issue a Certificate of Cleanliness of the Holds endorsed by the College of Officers of the Spanish Merchant Navy if it were required.

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