Sealing inspections


On some occasions and so as to ensure that the cargo holds are watertight, the Charterers or the receivers require the hatch covers, the manholes and any other weather deck openings where the water could seep into the cargo holds, to be sealed. This operation is carried out by means of high – adhesive plastic tape (“ramnek”) or any other means to ensure the water tightness of the cargo hold.

When the holds have passed the inspection, NORTH IBERIAN CONTROL will issue a Hatch Sealing Certificate. This document confirms that the vessel is ready in all respects to go out to sea with guarantees that the water, in normal condition, will not penetrate inside the cargo holds. This certificate will be signed by both the Captain and our surveyor.

If required, we will also proceed to seal the cargo holds by means of identifying seals, issuing the corresponding “Sealing Certificate”. This Certificate will be signed by both the attending surveyor and the Master of the vessel.

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