Surveyors P&I


We know the important role that a P&I surveyor has in the event of an incident involving an entered vessel with the potential for loss and/or damage being incurred by the Club member.

Upon appointment and before attending the issue, NORTH IBERIAN CONTROL shall ensure that the instructions given by the Club are clear to start with the inspection. Our office has the capacity to fulfil the needs of the instructions in terms of time and personnel availability.

Upon finishing the inspection, NORTH IBERIAN CONTROL will issue a report, which will be maintained within the scope of instructions. It will be written in a clear and concise language without including irrelevant details.

Our reports are always supported with plenty of photographs which will greatly assist in illustrating the report findings.

Among other works done for different P&I Clubs NORTH IBERIAN CONTROL offers the following:

  • Class Surveys
  • Loss Prevention Surveys
  • Flag States Inspections
  • Ultrasonic leak testing of hatch covers
  • Draft and ullage surveys
  • Container inspections
  • Salvage of damaged goods
  • Others

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