Tightness Test


To ensure that the vessels’ hatch covers and other weather deck openings are watertight, ship-owners and other parties may appoint a surveyor to conduct a water tightness test. Thus, a hose test or ultrasonic water tightness analysis should be done in order to find out whether the hatch covers are watertight.

In 1989 the “International Association of Classification Societies” (IACS) introduced its guidance to owners concerning the care and survey of hatch covers as follows:

 “Loss of weather-tight integrity continues to be a constant factor leading to cargo damage which could result in a threat to the safety of the crew, the ship and its cargoes, despite advances in modern shipbuilding technology, construction, navigation and means of preventing seepage of water into hold spaces.”

A Tightness Test Survey is completed by NORTH IBERIAN CONTROL with every hatch cover.

Photographs are taken to support the reported findings.

A Tightness Certificate will be issued by NORTH IBERIAN CONTROL showing the method used for its measurement and the results obtained on each hatch cover.

This Certificate will be issued immediately after finishing the inspection in order to determine the actions to be taken to repair the leaks, if there were any, and to avoid any waste of time.

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